Hey friends finding pubg lite high damage config file download? than you are reading right article. Here you can find it. This provided file is an best 100% working file because i am sharing this file with many observation and experiment.And i promise that after reading this article you will get the best one file.

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Pubg lite high damage config file download

Pubg lite high damage config file download

high damage config for pubg lite is an file which is created with coding. And it is created to give some change in app or file that already exist in app server.

This type of file usually created for those players who really one to increase his skills in the sense of playing pubg lite.We usually observe that many times we have been kill by enemy due to lag or sometimes internet issue but if the enemy is playing extreme pro and enemy is able to kill the opponent easily in few bullets than sure he is an config user.

pubg mobile lite high damage config file download 2022

high damage file pubg lite is used because Using this type of file increases the chance of winning with opponent but your game sense become 0 and skills will be decreased.

After using config file it will be familiar with you and become habits of using it. aater use of few month you will be totally depended on config file. And your gameplay will be nothing without config file.This all thing about the config file. But you want to try or use it than I have shared the latest (2022) working file which you can download easily and use it.

pubg mobile lite high damage config file download

Here are the few important detail about the config so, get the important table before using or downloading the file.

File namePubg lite high damage config
update byPrashant
Size80.45 Mb


  • 0 recoil
  • Aim bot
  • Aim lock
  • Aim assist
  • No grass
  • No lag
  • High damage
  • Potato graphics
  • 10% smoke reduce
  • Auto headshot
  • Anti shake
  • Anti ban

0 recoil high damage file download pubg lite

On this high damage config i included the o recoil high damage file to make this provided file best and unique.

0 recoil config helps to hit you control sensitivity and when you are firing towards enemy the issue of scope shake will be reduce.
Therefore: If scope sake reduce than you can connect every bullet on enemy and you can kill the opponent enemy easily.

pubg lite aimbot config file download

Also to increase the damage I added pubg lite aimbot config file on it. This will help to take the gun aim directly towards the opponent enemy. And when the enemy is finding you your gun will point towards enemy automatically and with combination of 0 recoil it become easy to kill enemy.

Therefore: If you point the enemy before the enemy point you than the chance of winning the game increases high or more than 30% after the enemy.

pubg lite aim lock config file download

Now I added aim lock to make the config file more better. When aimbot point towards enemy and start firing the aim will be locked automatically towards one place using this aim lock.And you can give movement but your aim will not be shake with this ,your aim will be stable and due to your movement enemy can't hit you.And due to aim lock enemy cannot save single bullets from yours.

pubg lite aim assist config file download

Now lastly to increase high damage I added aim assist. Using this aim assist your aim will be direct assist the head. And remember this 0recoil, aim bot and aim assist work together and make an environment of winning

Therefore: First with the help of aim bot the gun aim will directly aim towards enemies head after it the aim assist will take the gun aim towards enemies head and after the aim goes towards enemy head the aim will be locked with the help of aim lock file and there is 0 recoil that means no chance of shake. So, indirectly when this 4 file work together than you can kill enemy easily.

Applying process

  1. After download click on file.
  2. Go to play store and install z archiever app.
  3. Go to z achiever app.
  4. Go to download folder.
  5. Search or find the download media fire file.
  6. Click on file.
  7. Extract the file it's may be password 🔑 protected. 
  8. Watch down video for password 🔑.
  9. After extract copy the entire extracted file and apply it.
  10. Watch video if any promblem regarding this config file.
High Damage Config File 80.45Mb


Pubg lite high damage config file is not a good choice for gamers because I already told you will will decrease your gaming- sense, skills. And your gameplay will be noob with the config file.

After the full information and full review I want to say it your wish either you want to use or not.


This config file is shared following the pubg lite privacy policy and keeping the Google guidelines in mind.And the provided links, files and information are for education purpose so, don't take it on wrong way.
If you are not agree with this post than contact me with a valid issue the post will be deleted soon:
Contact: gzoneanmol@gmail.com