Your phone is lagging while playing than you should try this pubg lite config file. This is an anti ban and all device supported supported config file.

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In today's time, PUBG MOBILE lite Game has become a very popular game. In today's time we all like to play PUBG Mobile lite game but we do not have a mobile with more RAM where we can play PUBG MOBILE lite or big games with out lag. But for this, tencent developers have launched PUBG MOBILE LITE. It lags a little in LITE, if you can fix it, then I am going to give complete information on How To Fix Lag In PUBG MOBILE LITE Through Config file.

Pubg lite config file

What is pubg lite config file

Pubg lite config file is a file that will help to make your gamming experience better.There are different types of config file.

No lag config-lag fix config file.

This is a config file that will help you to give better experience in gaming.  

Its will solve a main issue of lag in pubg lite.

And most of the times no lag or lag fix config are anti ban. And most of the config file are supported in all device ok let see quite about this pubg lite config file.

Only headshot config file

Only headshot config file helps user to head direct in enemy head.

Specially on headshot hack it may be the issue of ban or it may support only on specific devices. 

0 zero recoil config file

0zero recoil config file helps user to play game smoothly and it will help user to kill enemy long from us with out the movent of scope on or off. It's helps to control game character easily . On firing on enemy it's makes high chance to fill enemy fast with out lag. Or with out shake of the scope.

Black body config file

Black body config file will help to reduce lag issue. Its will make the surrounding black and also a character black. So, there will be not issue of color correction on pubg lite and it reduce lag issue. And this config file is supported in all devices and it is anti ban config.

iPad view and no grass no water config file.

These types of config file are nonsense this will not helps you but it's will help to find enemy easily on anywhere but I don't recommend those types of config file so, don't these this config.

Why To Fix pubg lite lag fix config

Many times what happens is that your phone has less RAM and when you use all these configs, then your phone starts to lag even more because all these scripts require more performance to run, due to which you have to play the game. Lag will be seen in playing but you do not panic at all because this file also contains the code of lag fix, due to which your game will not lag when you use this config file.

By the way, this config file is not of large size, due to which your GPU handles very well and your android phone can run at good fps. Kher, friends, I have already told that if PUBG Mobile Lite lags in your android phone then you can fix it. I have told before.

Thing to remember

  1. First of all, keep your internet speed fast.
  2. Keep your internal storage free.
  3. Friends, close your background apps and keep them.{alertInfo}


Pubg Mobile Lite lag fix  & no lag Config Features

  • It gives best experience for user.
  • It reduce a texture but gives better gaming experience.
  • This is an anti ban config file.
  • This reduce lag issue.
  • Anti reset.
  • No lag potato config.
  • Smooth graphics.
  • Content 60 fps/ config file.
  • All device supported 1Gb, 2Gb, 3Gb, 4Gb.

config pubg lite lag fix file is safe?

Yes, this pubg lite no lag config is safe and anti ban. This config file is created for low device player. It's does not violence your gaming experience. It's only reduce some script running in background. And it's does not go against pubg mobile lite privacy.
So, This config file is safe and anti ban config.

Does this congfig support in all device

Yes, This config file is made in demand of the user of pubg lite players and this config file is supported in all devices. In all devices it gives an better user experience. And if this config does not work than you can contact me:
 Gmail :
 Contact: 8670033276

Download pubg lite lag fix config

How to download pubg mobile lite lag fix config

  1. Click on upward 👆 download button.
  2. You will redirect to media fire link.
  3. Click on media fire link.
  4. Click on download link.

How to apply lag fix config in pubg lite

  1. After download click on file.
  2. Go to play store and install z archiever app.
  3. Go to z archiever app.
  4. Go to download folder.
  5. Search or find the download media fire file.
  6. Click on file.
  7. Extract the file it's may be password 🔑 protected. 
  8. Watch down video for password 🔑.
  9. After extract copy the entire extracted file and apply it.
  10. Watch video if any promblem regarding this config file.

Pubg lite  lag fix config file applying process

Screenshot of pubg lite  lag fix config file

Here are the various screenshot that shows how your game looks after applying this pubg lite lag fix config.

Demo of pubg lite lag fix config

Pubg lite no lag config

Pubg lite no lag config

Pubg lite lag fix config


Well look, I have given you information in very details so that you do not have any problem in applying PUBG Mobile Lite lag fix Config File one thing and I want to tell you that ,this config is an anti ban, so by using it your PUBG There is no difference on the ID, but still you use this config file thoughtfully. But yes this config file will support well in your phone.

I hope you liked this article that PUBG Mobile Lite lag fix File .
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