Hey, How are you all? I hope you are fine. And are you searching for Free Fire headshot hack? Than you are on the right place. Here I will help you to get ff headshot hack that will be 100% working free fire hack file.

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When I was playing free fire on my free time. I notice that one player of the opponent enemy team was playing so good. He was not missing single bullets. Every bullets of his gun was directly connected to our team members head.

Free fire headshot , this is a image click after using this free fire headshot hack it's clearly shows that ff headshot hack is workimg
Free fire headshot hack


I was trying to give my best but suddenly he hits me one tap on my head. Now I was totally shocked, how he can play a best game his headshot was out of believe. Now my curiosity to now about how he is able to connect every bullets on my head. So, I research on it. You don't believe guys but beside the truth was very shocking so, let Know why I am telling it.

How I get Free Fire headshot hack

I start watching trips and tricks. I waste my 5 hours on research and when I again came back to game I see that the opponent enemy was playing a game. I was very excited to know  the secret behind his Headshot trick. so, I wait for him, lastly he came out of game. When I see he is out of match I call him on my group. After twice rejection he lastly came in my group and I quickly responding ask him about his Headshot trick.  And do you know what did he tell me? After his answer I was shocked because he tell me about ff headshot hack.

Ff headshot hack
Ff headshot hack

 I was quite angry too so, I request him to provide the  headshot file to me also. Shocking thing was that he give me the headshot file and the most shocking thing was that the file was working. Are you thinking about what this headshot file? yes, I think of course because i also have the same question so, let discuss more on free fire auto headshot hack.

What is free fire headshot hack

As we know that hack means those thing which are crack or mod version. which is developed by a developer by cracking or hacking original version.
so, what is actually headshot hack. As looking at the opinion of free fire, headshot hack is a mod crack version file that help file users to connect every single bullets
in others opponent head. 

Free fire hack headshot
Free fire hack headshot

Advantages of using free fire hack headshot file

There are many advantages of using this file. Because this file will help user to connect every bullet on enemy head. No matter where the aim of gun is placed it directly
go on head. it will reduce the problem of being noob. As compare to your opponent you have chance to win the every battle easily.

Free fire headshot hack features

I request you before using free fire headshot hack mod APK please read this features. By reading this features you come to know what are you going to get advantages if
you use this config file. and you also come to know that should you use this file or not?

Here are the list of file features:-
  • you will be able to hit one tap headshot easily.
  • With the help of the Aimbot it don't matter where the aim is it connect automatically on head.
  • The provided feature on file will detect enemy easily.
  • No much hard to search for enemy the signal on head will automatically detect the enemy.
  • No much drag is needed
  • No matter are you a lower device or best device player.
  • It will supports on all the devices including 2Gb, 3Gb, 4Gb, 6Gb.

Download free fire headshot hack

I think all your issue has been solve now it matter on you do you want to use this ff auto headshot hack or not. If you decide to use this file than you can simply 
click on download button and download file.

Downloading file information

File Name Free Fire headshot hack
Size 30MB
Version 2.91.0
Features Easy one tap, No lag, No Drag, Famous script, and more..
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How to apply free fire headshot hack

  • First click on download button.
  • Note that if it request to allow download from unknow source than you should on it on the mobile setting
  • Give permission to download from this website
  • After download click on the file and start button
  • Go on new option clicking on next button
  • After installation click on finish button
  • Now lastly the process has been done
  • Now simply wait for minutes and open your game. 
  • It is password protected so, watch the video for password.
Note: If the link Does not work properly than click on link once and again return back and click on it again.

Also want to be a pro player without any hack than you can try this free fire headshot hack and auto headshot setting Which will improve your gaming experience
2x with our any external hack.

Best sensitivity for free fire auto headshot

General        : 43
Red dot        : 75
2x scope       : 29
4x scope       : 19
AWM scope : 13

Last word / Conclusion

As a free fire player I don't want to see spoiling our game but this topic was in demand that's why I shared with you all. But one more think is that if you use this free fire headshot hack than it will not harm your gaming experience so, I think you should use this and for more information also read Disclaimer also. This is an famous free fire script and if you want free fire headshot hack 2021 apk download than contact us.


All the information which you have get here are only for education purpose we don't promote any illegal information and as compare to this ff headshot hack it not actually a hack version or crack version that violence free fire strong privacy or it will not effect the others free fire community. But also if you are not satisficed with this work or you think this file is spamming or dangerous for free fire community than you can directly contact us and request for this article remove. I guaranteed that we will try to contact you within 24 hours or less. My email goes like : anmolpoetry18@gmail.com.

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1. Is ff headshot hack app is safe?

=> Yes, on this current version ff headshot hack app is safe you can use it.

2. List of free fire hacking app?

=> If you are searching for ff hacking app than I have cover it on this article.