Sk sabir boss a famous free fire player. And on this post you come to know about sk sabir boss id, sk sabir boss uid, sk sabir boss name, sk sabir boss nickname, sk sabir boss photo, All much more..

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Sheikh Sabir who is  known as SK Sabir Boss, He is an Indian Free Fire player and content creator. his age is 26 Years Old. He belongs from Kolkata, West Bengal and His   Religion is Islam.

Sk Sabir boss I'd, uid, photo, nickname, logo sk Sabir biography

Biography on Sk sabir boss

sk sabir boss nameSheikh Sabir
sk sabir boss id55479535
sk sabir boss nicknameSK Sabir
sk sabir boss uid55479535
Date of Birth24 April, 1994
Free Fire ID NameSᴋ᭄Sᴀʙɪʀᴮᴼˢˢ
ReligionMuslim (Islam)
Home TownKolkata

Sk Sabir boss photo

Sk Sabir boss photo
Sk Sabir boss photo

sk sabir boss tik tok

sk Sabir boss I'd

Sk Sabir boss is an creator and free fire gamer and his uid and I'd is 55479535.

Sk Sabir boss logo and photo

Sk sabir boss photo
Sk Sabir boss photo

Sk sabir boss logo
Sk Sabir boss logo

Sk Sabir boss youtube journey

If we talk about his YouTube journey, then SK Sabir Boss (Gaming) started his YouTube channel on 13 April 2017. And on 21 September 2019, the first video was put on his YouTube channel. At present, there are more than 4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. SK Sabir Bhai has uploaded more than 346 videos on his YouTube channel. SK Sabir Boss (Gaming) has achieved a good position on his YouTube channel in a very short time.

Talking about SK Sabir Gaming YouTube channel, the most popular video of this channel has been viewed more than 9 million times. And the title of this video is GRAND MASTER SQUAD 27 KILLS || FULL RANKED GAMEPLAY || WAS FREE FIRE BATTLEGROUND. And 3 lakh 42 thousand likes have also come in this video. SK Sabir Bhai used to concentrate on his studies in the beginning of the college. That's when he bought a smartphone and used to play Free Fire game a lot with his college friends. And the squad in his Free Fire game was one of the strongest. And his squad used to lose very few games.
Then he thought that why not upload this great gameplay on his YouTube channel. And he did the same and uploaded the first video on his channel in 2019. And in his first video itself, he got more views than expected. But he got the most success on YouTube channel when he got the video of Global solo vs squad. Which got more than 1 million views. And from there his luck shone. Now he gives full time on his channel. And upload videos of Free Fire gameplay everyday.

Sk Sabir boss monthly income/ network

If we talk about the income of SK Sabir Boss, then he earns his money through YouTube and sponsorship. If we talk about their earning a month, then they earn around 3 lakh to 5 lakh rupees per month. And if we talk about his net worth, then in 2022 it has been above 80 lakh rupees.


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1. Sk Sabir boss I'd?
=> Sk Sabir boss I'd is 55479535.

2. Sk Sabir boss real name?
=> Sk Sabir boss real name is Sheikh Sabir.

3.Sk Sabir boss nickname?
=> Sk Sabir boss nick name is Sabir boss.

4.Sk Sabir boss uid?
=> Sk Sabir uid is 55479535.