Pubg Mobile Lite High Damage Config File download 2022

Looking for pubg mobile Lite high damage config file download  2022 ? If yes, then you should try this config file that will provide you high damage + Aim assist and also aimbot.

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I guarantee that this config file will improve your gaming experience and increase your damage given by your bullets 2x which will help you a lot so, let begin what is actually a pubg mobile lite high damage config. We have updated this config file. I am sure the provided file is latest file and it will be working all through the year 2022. That means the pubg mobile lite high damage config file 2022 is now ready to download. 

What is pubg lite high damage config file.

Pubg Mobile Lite High Damage Config File Download 2022

Pubg lite high damage config file is a file. It's do some changes in your gaming experience and it will solve your noob problem. 

While playing pubg lite you will notice that: Some player will hit you few bullets and you will be out of game. Did you think 🤔 are pro?

If you think that than no, they are noob because they are using high damage config file.

Where to get pubg lite high damage config file 

Yes, this is the main issue because when you search for pubg lite high damage config that you will not get the real config.
Most of the time those high damage , aim assist, and aimbot  config file are paid. 
Because if a coder want to make this type of config than it will take a lot of time.
And I am sure they will not provide you a free config.
But I have the solution to solve this issue.
Why you don't try my config which will provide you high damage while playing.

Pubg lite high damage config file download 2022

How high damage config file works.

If you do any illegal thinks than pubg lite will ban your account. That's why we have created anti ban config file. 
It's is consider as anti ban because it does not harm any pubg lite privacy policies.
Most of the time you notice that, when a player connects his every bullets in enemy head than The player will won the battle and enemy will be out of game before you.
But the issue is that when a player hits every bullets in head than pubg lite will consider that account as a config user. Pubg lite can take an action for those players. They may ban your account to.
But I have added 75% of aim assist and aimbot that will automatically connect bullets in enemy head. 
After using this config you will notice that your gamming experience will increase.

Should you use this config?

Yes, you should use this config but you will not be a pro player. Because after using this config your gamming experience will be increased. And your aim or headshot practice will be decrease that will harm your gamming sense power. Slowly you will notice that you don't have interest like other times to play pubg lite.
IT will decrease your gamming interest.
You don't have to focus much you will not fell excitement to do 1 vs 4 . Because you know that you are a config user and you can easily do 1 vs 4. So, its will not be excitement and interesting like others days .
So, use this config file in your super vision{alertWarning}


Features of high damage config

Anti ban 

This config file is anti ban and easy to use. It's is anti ban because it will not harm any pubg lite privacy policy 🔐 you can use it without any risk.

High damage 

As I already told you this is an high damage config file. And also I shared how this config file is consider as high damage config and how  actually  this high damage config works. 

Aim assist

When playing game you will notice that the aim point of the gun directly move to enemy. It's does not matter where you gun aim is it will direct connect bullets in enemy.


When gun aim point will move to enemy with the help of aim assist. Than aimbot will help to move gun aim point to head through body. And not every bullets are connect in head. Only 75% of bullets will connects in head because using more than 75% of aim assist will consider as a config user.

Download pubg lite high damage config.

If you have read up content than I hope you have Know much about this config file so, Now if you are agree to use this config file than follow my steps to download.

How to Download

We will give you a link 🖇️ download click on it
 It will redirect to media fire link 🔗 so, by clicking download now your config file will be downloaded.

How to apply config

  1. After download click on file.
  2. Go to play store and install z archiever app.
  3. Go to z achiever app.
  4. Go to download folder.
  5. Search or find the download media fire file.
  6. Click on file.
  7. Extract the file it's may be password 🔑 protected. 
  8. Watch down video for password 🔑.
  9. After extract copy the entire extracted file and apply it.
  10. Watch video if any promblem regarding this config file.

Applying process

By watching down given video you will get the config password 🔑 and detail about how to apply this config.


This pubg mobile lite high damage config file download 2022 will not harm any pubg lite privacy policy 🔏. Because it's direct not provide high damage we have increase the inner sensitivity that will act as a I phone sensitivity. So, for user it will act as a config and any issue to any one or if this information harms anyone privacy than contact me on I will response you and I will remove the provided content. Thank you 💝 and my lovely friends enjoy.💝.

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