Are you searching for pubg lite black body config, than you are on the right website.
Here I am going to provide you a config file that will help you to know enemy easily, because enemy skin will be black so, they will be easily visible and here I have added auto headshot which will help to kill enemy faster.
This config is combination of pubg lite black body config  and auto headshot and medium potato graphics.

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Why to use pubg lite black body config

The main reason to use black body config is too spot enemies easily.  It will also solve your lag as it is also an lag fix config


When you are taking fight with an enemy than if you were kill easily than the enemy is using black body config file.  

You can also be pro or you can always win 1 vs/ 1 fight with enemy easily. And also you can clutch easily using this config file.

What is black body config 

Black body config file will help to reduce lag issue. Its will make the surrounding black and also a character black. So, there will be not issue of color correction on pubg lite and it reduce lag issue. And this config file is supported in all devices and it is anti ban config.

Things to remember

Before using this, remember that your all surrounding will be black and enemy will also be black in color. So, on first time if you face any issue than you have to play for a quite hour and slowly it will adjust with you.

Pubg lite black body config features

  • Anti ban
  • High damage
  • Black body
  • No Frame drops
  • 144p to 480p enable
  • 60 Fps Unlock 🔓
  • All device supported
  • Potato graphics
  • Auto headshot
  • No grass
  • No recoil

Is this config safe?

➤  yes, this config file is totally safe because it don't harm any pubg lite privacy policy. We have made this file very safely. We have notice a simple simple things in this config.
That makes this config file safe for user 

Does this config support in all devices

➤ yes, this is an best config file which has been design carefully on the demand of pubg lite players. And this pubg lite black body supports in all devices 1Gb, 2Gb, 3Gb, 4Gb, 6Gb. And others too. 
➤ But also if you have any questions or if you are facing any problem than you can have a touch with me on.
Email ✉️:
Whatsapp:+ 91 8670033276

Use black body config file

If you want to use this black body config file than you have to follow the given steps. That includes downloading, uploading, using.

How to download config

  1. Click down on download button 
  2. You will be redirected to media fire
  3. Click on media fire " download "
  4. You file will be Download

How to apply config file

  1. After download click on file.
  2. Go to play store and install z archiever app.
  3. Go to z archiever app.
  4. Go to download folder.
  5. Search or find the download media fire file.
  6. Click on file.
  7. Extract the file it's may be password 🔑 protected. 
  8. Watch down video for password 🔑.
  9. After extract copy the entire extracted file and apply it.
  10. Watch video if any promblem regarding this config file.

Pubg lite black body config applying process.

Demo of pubg lite black body config



We don't promote any illegal things here so, this was only for education system and helping pubg lite players by providing pubg lite black body config. So, we have made this config by keeping pubg lite privacy policy on mind. We don't try to violence pubg lite privacy policy.
If you have any problem regarding pubg lite black body config than you can email us we will delete this post: Thank You
Email: ✉️ :-


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