Free Fire redeem code generator is a tool that will generate redeem code in Ever 1Hour. The generated redeem code will contain 80 Rs which code you have to redeem using play store.

Today date: 30/Jun/2022

You have to wait 15 minute.

Generating Redeem code...

Recently generated code

IF code not work than wait for next code {alertWarning}


Today generated redeem code list

  • FV5BNJ45IT8U
  • F4N5K6LYOU9I
  •  Generating...
  •  Generating...

yesterday generated redeem code list

  • F87GYF3DGE6B
  • SARG886AV5GR
  • X99T K56X DJ4X
  • 86AV5GRFFIC33
  • MJ3186AV5G3T
  • FTT45DG83FDB
  • FREE12FIRE12

Note that you have to be fast and quick. Because many people are also waiting for it so, if next person redeem faster than you than you cant be able to redeem it.{alertInfo} 

If the redeem code does not work than the redeem code is already used by other person you can wait for 1 Hour for other code.{alertInfo}


why this yesterday generated code?

Yesterday generated code are here because sometimes there are no one in our website but website generate code And this code will be waste. 
TO prevent this we add a yesterday generated list here so you can try to redeem this code too.

Will this yesterday and today generated code works?

yes sometimes code works from the yesterday and today section also. Because sometimes generated code are not been used by any one so, you can try.

Redeem code policies

  1. Be faster and work quick.
  2. After 1Hour one redeem code is generated.
  3. One redeem code contain 80 Rs
  4. you can only redeem one code a day.
  5. Only 10 redeem code are generated a day.
  6. Dont use any illegal way to get code you will be ban.

Time when redeem code is generated

  • First code in generated in 7am Daily.
  • Second code will be generate in 8 am Daily.
  • 3rd code in 9am Daily.
  • 4th code in 10 am Daily.
  • 5th code in 1 pm Daily 
  • 6th code in 2 pm Daily
  • 7th code in 3 pm Daily.
  • 8th code in 4 om daily.
  • 9th code in 7 pm Daily.
  • last code in 8pm Daily.

How to redeem this code and get rewards

TO redeem this code you have to go to play store and you have to redeem this code faster you will get 80 Rs a day collect the redeem code daily.

Know that this generate code and sometimes we manually add a code and every sunday we add manually code in recently code section so, take the benifits of this free fire redeem code generator.

1. IS this works perfectly ?
 yes the generated codes works but if it not work than comment down or contact us.