Get 100% pubg lite no lag congfig file which is ultra potato congfig. And which is very easy and to use for all the user.

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Pubg lite no lag config

pubg lite no lag config 100%

When a mobile does not support high games we use config file. Same if your mobile is lagging while playing pubg mobile lite than I am sure this config file will help you a lot.

pubg mobile lite no lag config features

  • It gives best experience for user.
  • It reduce a texture but gives better gaming experience.
  • This is an anti ban config file.
  • This reduce lag issue.
  • Anti reset.
  • No lag potato config.
  • Smooth graphics.
  • Content 60 fps/ config file.
  • All device supported 1Gb, 2Gb, 3Gb, 4Gb.

config pubg lite no lag file is safe?

Yes, this pubg lite no lag config is safe and anti ban. This config file is created for low device player. It's does not violence your gaming experience. It's only reduce some script running in background. And it's does not go against pubg mobile lite privacy.
So, This config file is safe and anti ban config.

Does this congfig support in all device

Yes, This config file is made in demand of the user of pubg lite players and this config file is supported in all devices. In all devices it gives an better user experience. And if this config does not work than you can contact me:
 Gmail :
 Contact: 8670033276

Download pubg lite no lag config

How to download pubg mobile lite no lag config

  1. Click on upward 👆 download button.
  2. You will redirect to media fire link.
  3. Click on media fire link.
  4. Click on download link.

How to apply config in pubg lite

  1. After download click on file.
  2. Go to play store and install z archiever app.
  3. Go to z archiever app.
  4. Go to download folder.
  5. Search or find the download media fire file.
  6. Click on file.
  7. Extract the file it's may be password 🔑 protected. 
  8. Watch down video for password 🔑.
  9. After extract copy the entire extracted file and apply it.
  10. Watch video if any promblem regarding this config file.

Pubg lite no lag config file applying process

Screenshot of pubg lite no lag config file

pubg mobile lite no lag config

no lag config for pubg lite

config pubg lite no lag

config pubg mobile lite no lag