Most genuine websites that allow you to earn free Bitcoin require you to spend money on other things like buying cloud computer mining power, connecting your CPU for mining, playing a game, or completing micro-tasks.
In other words, they offer free Bitcoins as an advertisement for their services. Otherwise, it takes time and effort to get free BTC given its current high value.

This tutorial tells you exactly how to get Bitcoins for free from different sites. We incline to those platforms that are genuine, use genuine free Bitcoins as an advertisement for their sold services, and tried and tested platforms. The most popular way of earning free Bitcoins is through playing online games.

Few words about bitcoin

The craze of Bitcoins has become so prevalent in the world that even a coin like Doge touches the sky on sight. Doge coin is also a coin like bit coin. Doge coin price is currently running up to 38-40 Indian rupees for 1 coin doge, so a bitcoin which was less than 1 rupee a few years ago has reached the house of lakhs on seeing it today. Yes, if you want to buy only one bitcoin today, then see how much you will have to pay. How to earn bitcoin for free, my users, who see the information, please learn to guess by watching. Do you know how much 1 Bitcoin equals in today's time? Otherwise know that on 10/05/2021 1 bit coin price “42,88,542:53″ is equal to Indian Rupees.

Why should you choose Bitcoins? 

Why buy bitcoin? How to use digital coins? How much is the risk in virtual currency, etc. must be known. If you want to come in this field, then definitely keep this important information. Decentralized Currency. The bitcoin network is not controlled by any government or organization, so this means that no one can hold your BTC without your permission and you are completely free to send your bitcoins to anyone in the world. Huh.

Easy To Use. 

It is much easier to create a bitcoin wallet than to open a bank account in traditional banks. All you have to do is fill in some basic information and your Bitcoin Wallet Online will be ready. And yes this process only takes less than 10 minutes. 

Transparent & Anonymous. 

You can do hundreds of bitcoin transactions in a day without revealing your personal details as bitcoins addresses are never linked to your name, e-mail address or any other personal information.

Less Transaction Fees. 

Banks may charge a transaction fee of up to $10 for international transfers, but with Bitcoin you can send payments anywhere in the world with fees of less than $1.

 Fast & Non-Reversible Payments.

 Bitcoin transactions are fast and non-convertible until the person receiving the Bitcoins will be refunded. Bitcoin Transactions are Fastest and Non-Reversible until the person receiving the Bitcoin will not be refunded

Fastest Growing Currency.

 Bitcoins This is the Fastest Growing Currency. As against other currencies such as USD, Pound etc. Recently, one bitcoin is traded for $2700 and it has increased from $700 to $2700 in a short period. 

To earn money from bitcoin
 To earn money from bitcoin, you have to earn BTC first and there are many ways to earn bitcoins like by playing online games, solving captcha codes etc.