Here I am going to tell you about a image seo tips and tricks and also I will share with you many things that make look your image professional.
Let start with...

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What is image seo?

Image seo is a part of on Page SEO of any article you write. Image seo helps your blog article to rank #1 on google.

Image seo tips for blogger

Tips to add image in blog post

There are many tips to add image in your blog post.There is different process to add image in blogger and different process to add image in WordPress.

Tricks to add image in blogger

Try my tips and tricks to add image in blogger 

Image quality for blogger

Before uploading any image on your blogger remember yout image size should be less than 50 kb.
But the question occours how to compress image Less than 50kb?
=>The simple answer is that compressing your image.
Try my image compressing steps to make your image less than 50kb.
  1. When your image is completely done go on Google and search for image compressor. I use optimizer.
  2. Now upload you image there and it will compress your image.
  3. Now download your image.

Now your image is quite compress but you can compress your image quite more by using my tips.

Image size for blogger

Some times it came on your mind what size should I use for image in blogger .and today I am going to tell you the image and also tell you how to resize the image.
Yet start=>
  1. After your image is compress go on image resizer on google. I use ezgif.
  2. Upload your image in image resizer and add width=640 and height=427.
  3. If you are using other resizer than you can download it but if you are using ezgif than stay there for few time.
Advance image seo

Best image format for blogger.

After you image is =>compress=>resize Now the most import question is what is the best image format to use in blogger?
=> The simple answer is to use image in Webp format. Because Webp format is an Google format and Google promote Webp format. 
How to convert image in Webp format?
Follow my special tips and tricks to convert image in Webp format.
  1. If you remember than I told you not to download the image before 😉.
  2. Now after ajust of image width and height. You will find a down arrow near image [convert]
  3. Click on it and select Webp format and click on convert and download your image.
Best image format for blogger

Advantages of Webp format

  • It's is Google format.
  • It help in ranking.
  • Webp is Google friendly and can easily index by Google.
  • ☺️ Webp format also help in reducing the image size.
Now your image is compress, resize , and on right format. 
But still the seo is not finish yet. Because if you open the image you will find image size is less than 50kb but the name of the image is very worst. Let discuss how to keep seo friendly image name.

Seo friendly image name

To keep image name seo friendly try my special trips and tricks.
First go on image meta description remover. I use verexif.
  1. Go on upload your image there and click on remove exif.
  2. Automatically it will remove your meta description and automatically download 
  3. Now your image does not contain any useless description.
Seo friendly image name

Now your image has no yet see how to choose a image name.

Choosing best image name

Now once see on your article what are you going to write. According to me I am writing how to do image seo.
Than I will keep my image name like it.
Note: use this symbol(-) after every word that makes your image better.
Same like it,according to your article idea choose you image name.
•Go on file manager
•click on that image
•select rename 
Now give the image name according to the up given tips.
Now lastly discuss how to upload image on blogger.
Choosing best image name

Best way to upload image in blogger

When you finish compressing , resizing , naming image it's time to upload now let see how to upload image.

Upload image in blogger

Simply to upload image on blogger try to use blogger default image adding option.

Image seo setting in blogger

After uploading click on image and click on settings icon. than set few things like
  • Size: XLarge
  • Alt: According to image name and article
Now you your image is import on it.
Image seo setting in blogger

Let I share you few tricks and tricks to look your image stylish and professional.

Style image in blogger

If you are thinking style is nothing but styling some attract more audience with you.

Add Effect in image in blogger

---(Recommend Only who have pc)---
  • Go on Theme=>Edit html
  • search for .post-body img
  • And replace with
.post-body img{codeBox}


 .post-body img{height:auto!important; border-radius: 32px;box-shadow: rgb(38, 57, 77) 0px 20px 30px -10px;}{codeBox}

 •Look over how this  image style look visit

Add image lazy loading

I know if you use so many images than you can loose your ranking because it make page loading time high. Google does not promote slow loading page in top so adding lazy image load option can help you.

How to add image lazy loading

To add lazy image loading than follow the steps.
  • Go on Theme=>Edit html
  • Search for body closing tag</body>
  • Just above the </body> paster the given code.
// Lazy Load
(function(a){a.fn.lazyload=function(b){var c={threshold:0,failurelimit:0,event:"scroll",effect:"show",container:window};if(b){a.extend(c,b)}var d=this;if("scroll"==c.event){a(c.container).bind("scroll",function(b){var e=0;d.each(function(){if(a.abovethetop(this,c)||a.leftofbegin(this,c)){}else if(!a.belowthefold(this,c)&&!a.rightoffold(this,c)){a(this).trigger("appear")}else{if(e++>c.failurelimit){return false}}});var f=a.grep(d,function(a){return!a.loaded});d=a(f)})}this.each(function(){var b=this;if(undefined==a(b).attr("original")){a(b).attr("original",a(b).attr("src"))}if("scroll"!=c.event||undefined==a(b).attr("src")||c.placeholder==a(b).attr("src")||a.abovethetop(b,c)||a.leftofbegin(b,c)||a.belowthefold(b,c)||a.rightoffold(b,c)){if(c.placeholder){a(b).attr("src",c.placeholder)}else{a(b).removeAttr("src")}b.loaded=false}else{b.loaded=true}a(b).one("appear",function(){if(!this.loaded){a("<img />").bind("load",function(){a(b).hide().attr("src",a(b).attr("original"))[c.effect](c.effectspeed);b.loaded=true}).attr("src",a(b).attr("original"))}});if("scroll"!=c.event){a(b).bind(c.event,function(c){if(!b.loaded){a(b).trigger("appear")}})}});a(c.container).trigger(c.event);return this};a.belowthefold=function(b,c){if(c.container===undefined||c.container===window){var d=a(window).height()+a(window).scrollTop()}else{var d=a(c.container).offset().top+a(c.container).height()}return d<=a(b).offset().top-c.threshold};a.rightoffold=function(b,c){if(c.container===undefined||c.container===window){var d=a(window).width()+a(window).scrollLeft()}else{var d=a(c.container).offset().left+a(c.container).width()}return d<=a(b).offset().left-c.threshold};a.abovethetop=function(b,c){if(c.container===undefined||c.container===window){var d=a(window).scrollTop()}else{var d=a(c.container).offset().top}return d>=a(b).offset().top+c.threshold+a(b).height()};a.leftofbegin=function(b,c){if(c.container===undefined||c.container===window){var d=a(window).scrollLeft()}else{var d=a(c.container).offset().left}return d>=a(b).offset().left+c.threshold+a(b).width()};a.extend(a.expr[":"],{"below-the-fold":"$.belowthefold(a, {threshold : 0, container: window})","above-the-fold":"!$.belowthefold(a, {threshold : 0, container: window})","right-of-fold":"$.rightoffold(a, {threshold : 0, container: window})","left-of-fold":"!$.rightoffold(a, {threshold : 0, container: window})"})})(jQuery);$(function(){$("img").lazyload({placeholder:"",effect:"fadeIn",threshold:"-50"})});

•Look over how this lazy image works visit

           The information given here are only for education purposes. By using this few image seo tips and tricks in blogger you can rank your image #1 on google. If you love this tips or this tricks than visit my other article.


What is image seo?

Image seo is a seo that come under on Page SEO.

What is the benifit of image seo?

By best image seo you can easily rank #1 page on Google.

Blogger image size?

To make image seo friendly than the width should be 640 and height should be 427 in blogger.

Blogger image quality?

Your image quality should be should be less than 50kb.

How to compress image with no quality loose?

.Go on image .upload your image compress and download. .Go to ezgif and resize image into 640/427. .Now convert that image to Webp format.

How to add stylish image in blogger?

To add stylish image in blogger. .Go on your site right click and click on inspect. .By using pick option select image. .On the side you will see css option. .Now style you image as you wish. .After styling go on blogger theme and add the css on the image class.

How to add image lazy loading on blogger?

To add image lazy load option just Follow the upper step.

What is image meta description?

meta description is a image description that is automatically on the certain image and help in image seo.

How to remove image old meta description?

To remove image old meta description Go on