Hello friends do you want a whatsapp viral script which you can make a wishing website and earn or you want to create this script for impressing someone else.

Whatsapp viral script
Whatsapp viral script html code

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If you are searching few topic like these then you are reading right article so, 

Before comming to the topic I want to talk about few topic which we will cover on this blog article. First upon I want to introduce how to create diwali whatsapp viral script  How to create valentine day whatsapp viral script . So,let start

Pros and cons of the provided script.


  • Ads area ready
  • fully user friendly
  • fully responsible
  • No credit area
  • no copyright issue
  • Fully edit able


  • shows name pop-up window
  • only for blogger

Diwali whatsapp viral script

Down given links are the source from where you can see demo of the script or get html code to make diwali whatsapp viral script. 
Get source code

Valentine day whatsapp viral script

Down given links are the source from where you can see demo of the script or get html code to create valentine whatsapp viral script.
Whatsapp viral script html code

How to customise given html code and make your viral script live on Google

As you know WhatsApp viral script name its self described that it will be viral on whatsapp but the question occurs 
How to get hosting and domin free? 
Yes this is the best question if you want to earn or share on whatsapp you need a website or make it live on Google. And if you want to earn more you can go in paid platform but if you want to make for try and earn quite less money than you can use blogger and this whatsapp viral script is for blogger website which provide free domin name and free hosting. for more knowledge  you can research on YouTube Google etc. Ok let's start the topic and solve your queries.
Steps to follow÷
  • Login to blogger website.
  • Add your tittle, domin name and sing-up.
  • Click on up three dots.
  • Click on theme option.
  • Scroll down and search for best Template 
  • Select that template.
  • Click on near customisation down arrow
  • New popup list will be appear click on down mobile to desktop and click on save option.
  • Agin on that list click on mobile setting new interface will be shown.
  • If ask for backup select without backup
  • See carefully you will see a down arrow near customisation.
  • Again click on it and you will find nav bar option.
  • From nav bar option select off.
  • Now on the same interface click on customisation.
  • New interface will be open.
  • Now delete all the html code if you are using mobile turn on desktop mode and select the html code and delete. If you are desktop user you can easily delete it.
  • Now paste my given html code there.
  • And click on up save button.
  • Now you can visit your website.

Customisation of script

  1. customisation of this script easily.
  2. change the image on the script.
  3. change the shayari or any text written there.
  4. You must change the last given near whatsapp share button  blog url with your blog url.
  5. All the things image and shayari are change Able.

NOTE: Only customise the image,gif,song audio if you know html other wise don't edit the image,gif or audio. But surely change the blog url with your url