Essay on life


"life is full of enjoyment if  you want to enjoy it " All have their own life, own style of living, own life style. Some are poor , Some are rich , Some are good and few are bad. If we see our self in a mirror we think we  are perfect for us,  But not for others. All  have rights to dream , and have rights to success but we cant follow a straight way , mind got disturb. when we disturb the way in front  of us we cant see. we will be confused to choose a way which is just from us. In that time to choose a perfect life all peoples suggest themself to choose a addicted life. If you think life is full of struggle, then life really become full of struggle. That's why try to think life is full of enjoyment and mysterious than automatically your life becomes full of enjoyment and mysterious.

    °Essay on life

I think all have their own dreams own goals which you wat to complete and becomes success. but few peoples think that we earn more money in engineering so, they leave or forget their dream and run into money. IN that time you don't know what you have take a decision.

      °Essay on life

Some of them want to become a writer but they did not focus of it they think " what? i will do after being a writer " I will not be able to earn good money so, I should forget my dream and become a teacher where we can earn more and good money. so, In this situation we does not forget our dream only we forget our character whom am I you are getting disturb money is disturbing you. When you want to achieve success money will follow you when you follow money than either you are not able to achieve goal or money. so, you follow to success money will follow you

      ° Essay on life

In all of theirs life there is two ways good/ bad , money/success , hard/easy  and according to situation its has its own way. when you will be able to choose your  life yourself .parents will let to choose your dream, Never choose a easy life, became a hard workers choose a hard life in future you will get a easy life. If you distract or done mistake and choose easy life, so, think that you can only spent your easy life for those days up to when you are living in parents hotel. when you will start living in your hotel your easy life gone and hard days came. In that time no one will be in front of you to help. so, when you are living in parents hotel make your life hard so, if you have a problem your parents will be in front of you to help you. And when you will start living in your hotel your life will be eassay

Essay on life is beautiful 

Life is a beauti ful flower guys you should know how you can make your life beautiful it's totally upon you how will you make your life 💖 lovely and more interesting.
Ok let I share you few things how you can make your student life more beautiful and full of happiness ☺️

Never listen you parents

Ya friends 🤣 never listen your parent on those things which describes your future because it's a wonderful life which God gifted us once and its very low chance to get it again back so, enjoy your life.

Ignore girls / ignore boys

Yes 🤣 it's true yaar 🤭 these girlfriend boyfriend think is that which never ends boys we go on loving always bg on mobile phone 📱 Na stop this ignore you ex 🙄 ohh! sorry ignore you closed relationship on the age of 15 after 15 boys girl you can make your life patner or 🙄 short patner😂 No fix so simply stop doing these..

Short Essay on life 

ohh 😜 friends I  thing I have tell more about life and for school essay you can take up eassy which is beautiful and for your fun and time pass learn these essay 😂😂🥀🥀 other wise if you take this essay in front of teacher than I will see will be fan of yours 
👻 And quite for a while you will se your teacher as a dangerous ghost ..😂😂 

My Essay on students life

Really guys student life is a wonderful life 
But the most worst think is that we have to sit a examination after a year and if we pass than. With smily face we will enter in next class but if we fail than... 😂😂 

Some families dialogues after fail😂

1.  Now leave learning and do a job 
2.  Get maried I want a girl who help me 
3.  I will search job for you if you fail
4.  Look your friends pass you failure

Life is a gift from God 🙏

Yes my friends life a a gift by god but you know who is that God she is your mine all mother who born us.
God.. God.. God. This name is a famous name given to mother. Notice one thing if you fall or suddenly it's hurt you the world that came is ouch mine mom. 
According to every puran ,veda , ancient, The god to whom we can see is called mother .

Beautiful Poem on life 😍

Life is a precious flower
Why you want to throw it out
Life is a precious gift by God
Try to enjoy your life
 After passing day the night enter
same like it pain after happiness 
who are happy in this world 
 all are  in pain

someone die hanging on a rope 
someone die jumping from a height 
no one has a right 
to kill themselves

Hide your affliction and learn to live
Hide your pain and try to laugh 
motivate those failure
and try to bring a smile on a crying face

When you bring smile on a paining face
What a satisfaction do you get?
why you follow the treasure 
which don't goes with you 
in your last hour

achieve your goal but 
don't become arrogant
what you take after your death
live your life untill you die
with full of happiness and Pride
                                           -Anmol sharma